Third Eye Chakra Aromatherapy Scented Soy Candles | Lavender Essential Oil Candle | The Yogi Closet


Relax and pamper your Third Eye Chakra with this lavender essential oil candle. These handcrafted aromatherapy scented soy candles have a calming natural aroma blend that is amazingly calming for use during self-care practices, meditation, reiki chakra healing, and yoga practice. Use anytime you need to relax and unwind with a natural good energy boost!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Notes:
Lavender top notes of sweet floral essence release relaxation and calmness to the air.

Chamomile middle note reminiscent of a warm spring day, with the comfort of a field of delicate flowers.

Frankincense base note grounds the energy bodies providing a strong stable vibe.q