Speak Your Truth Eucalyptus Smudge and Mint Soy Candle Aromatherapy Giftset


Speak your truth energy is embodied with this aromatherapy gift box set duo; combining the natural healing powers of eucalyptus smudge and refreshing mint soy candle aroma blend. Inhale deeply; open, and awaken your senses with scents of Ginger, Mint, and Eucalyptus that positively engage the good vibrations of your throat chakra.  Exhale mindfully; releasing doubts, fear, and tensions. Feel relaxed, calm, and confident to Speak Your Truth!

This Curated Box Aromatic Experience Contains:
1-Eucalyptus Smudge
This holistic herbal healer has been used for centuries to encourage emotional balance and adds spiritual protection. It is also known for being energizing and cleansing.

1-Throat Chakra Aromatherapy Soy Candle 4 oz tin
This refreshing soy candle combines the vigor and reviving elements of mint, eucalyptus, and ginger to cultivate a safe space to Speak Your Truth. Each mindful breath relaxing your body and releasing stress from your being.

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