Well Rooted Smudge Kit | Root Chakra Candle•Rosemary Smudge | The Yogi Closet


This holistic care energy healing gift contains a root chakra candle and an organic rosemary smudge stick.
The natural chakra aromatherapy in this meditation box combines to help root chakra healing by balancing and grounding your senses. Breathe well with this organic soy candle and enjoy the stability of being “Well Rooted”

Smudge Kit Contains:

1-Medium Organic Rosemary Smudge
•Smudging with Rosemary emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations with the smoke.

1- Root Chakra Candle
Scent Notes: Coconut Lime Verbena • Basil • Fennel •Cedarwood

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