Down To Earth | PEACH • SANDALWOOD Scented Soy Candles | The Yogi Closet


The “Down to Earth”, energy healing candles release a lovely sweet earthy essence with every burn of this meditation candle. The Sandalwood and Peach pure essential oils blend channels good energy to your being; while the Basil Heart leaf simmers and releases love to your energy bodies.

Every burn of this grounding herbal candle helps your senses connect with your chakra energies, to peacefully settle into your space and self. This essential oil candle is a great gift to give as a self care gift, yogi gift, hippie gift, and best friend gift.

⠀Pure Essential Oils Fragrance Blend:

⠀•Top Notes – Fresh Cut Grass

⠀• Middle Notes – Peachy

⠀• Base Note – Sandalwood

Herbal essences- Organic Basil Leaf