Down to Earth Aromatherapy | Herbal Scented Soy Candles | The Yogi Closet


“Down to Earth”, aromatherapy releases a pleasant earthy essence with every burn of these scented soy candles. The holistic wellness aroma blends essential oils to channel the good energy of taking a walking in the park, enjoying a moment to wiggle your toes while enjoying a juicy Peach uplifting your energy. Each burn of this grounding scented soy candle helps your senses connect with your chakra energies, to peacefully settle into your space and self.

⠀Essential Oil Notes
⠀•Top Notes – Fresh Cut Grass
⠀• Middle Notes – Peachy Essence
⠀• Base Note – Sandalwood woody scent is a perfect balance and grounding scent element for soothing your sensory system.