Relax and Get Your Vibe Right Soy Candles | LAVENDER • AMETHYST | The Yogi Closet


“Relax and Get Your Vibe Right” Crystal Candles invites tranquility, peace, and positive energy into your home and well-being. This aromatherapy candle is created with a pure essential oils blend of lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile infused with amethyst crystals. This meditation soy candle is a beautiful holistic gift to give as a hippie gift, yogi gift, and friendship gift.

100% Essential Oils Scent Notes:
•Top Notes – Chamomile the sweet slightly fruity fresh scent is calming and promotes happy vibes.

•Middle Notes – Ylang Ylang the exotic floral scent adds a hint of deep spice that’s tantalizing.

•Base Notes – Lavender the delicate herbal scent is known to help promote relaxation and sleep.

•Energy Stone: Amethyst

•Organic Botanicals: Lavender & Chamomile Buds