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Chakra Candles – Crown Cleansing Energy

Chakra Candles are handcrafted by The Yogi Closet to naturally engage your chakra energy body. The crown chakra soy candle is crafted with a clarifying and cleansing aroma essential oil blend of Rosemary, and Sage. Each burn of this sage candle smudges your being and your home and delivers positive energy. While also supporting your holistic health and better well-being. These positive energy essential oil candles are wonderful for use during your mindful meditation practice. This aromatherapy candle is great for use with any of your holistic therapy practices such as reiki, yoga, and self-care.

Essential Oils Blend:
Rosemary provides a minty balsamic scent with high notes that are good for anxiety and stress relief. This healing herb has been known to be used in Ayurveda holistic wellness for improving memory.

Clary Sage releases anti-depressant properties with its herbaceous, earthy aromatic middle notes.

White Sage releases grounding earthly floral bitter base notes that clean the air of bacteria, and bad energy. Wonderful for cleansing your mental space and living space of bad vibes.