Candle Box Set | White Sage Smudge, Aromatherapy Candles | The Yogi Closet


Each of the five scented soy candles is handcrafted to capture the essence of nature’s elements air, ether, earth, water, and fire. Providing positive energy aromatherapy with each burn,

The hand-rolled white sage smudge cleanses the environment to prep the space with good energy in your zen home,

Candle Box Set Contains:
5 – 3oz aromatherapy candles
amber glass containers with lid

Ether- Frankincense x Sage
Air- Basil x Cabernet
Earth-Sandalwood x Peach
Water- Pomegranate x Clary Sage
Fire- Honey x Oats

1- Medium hand-rolled White Sage Smudge

10 in stock (can be backordered)