Aromatherapy Candle | Pomegranate – Sage | The Yogi Closet


Our Aromatherapy Candle “What You Water Will Grow” capture the healing vibes of Pomegranate and Clary Sage. Soothe and relax your energies with each burn of these relaxing soy candles. This aroma journey is a perfect blend of Sage with the sweet-tart smell of Pomegranate, combined to invite the good energy of basking by the pristine Caribbean Sea. Soft splashes of feel-good scents gently wash across your senses with every divine breath. Hydrate your energies, my friend!

Natural Aromatherapy Oils Fragrance Notes
• Pomegranate top notes
• Caribbean waters’ middle notes
• Clary Sage base note flow -hints of the earthy scent providing a beach to reconnect with the mind and body.