Smudging your home is an easy way to remove toxic vibes from the air for good energy to flow. This is a 4-Step Guide to Smudging with Positive Vibes.

For centuries people of different cultures have been practicing smudging rituals to channel energies, and the holistic wellness practice is still widely done today. In North American history, Native Americans are known for using sage smudges during spiritual and holistic rituals. Other cultures around the world from Africa to India, and Japan also practice smudging and herbal burning rituals. 

The basic art and idea of smudging is the burning of holistic herbs while channeling positive energy, and spiritual powers. The purpose is normally to release negative energy, and toxins from the environment, the space, and your inner being. And invite goodness, purity, protection, and cleansing energy into your being to illuminate at your best. The types of herbs burned and smudge used can vary depending on the type of energies being channeled.  Some herbs like White Sage, are known to assist with cleansing, while a Palo Santo Smudge can assist with boosting positivity. 

The intention of a smudging ritual can be completely up to your personal energy needs. A smudging ritual is a perfect time to do deep energy work and spiritual healing. The ritual can be a simple or complex as you desire. 

Using smudge sticks is a great way to settled into your self-care routine.  It can be as simple as taking 3 minutes to mindfully breathe, and set positive intent for you mental and living space. 

The benefits of this self-care ritual are far too many to list individually. But they all hold the same effect of being amazing with self-preservation and are rejuvenation essentials that help keep your light shining bright. 

One of my favorite ways to care for my chakras and boost positive energy is smudging with and natural aromatherapy candles. I turn off any harsh lights, and use the salt lamps to emit soft light along with the glow of The Yogi Closet aromatherapy candles. To set a clean, clear, peaceful space, the room is smudged by using the candle to burn the smudge stick and verbal say positive intentions for the space and my being.

Whatever your self-care practice may be even if it seems weird to others; remember its not for their benefit its for yours and you deserve it. Normalizing your own self-care practices can help you improve and maintain your overall wellness. 

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Rosemary x Rose xSmudge

“Care for your psyche…know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.”


Smudge with Positive Loving Energy! Invite Goodness into your Space with 4 Steps:

Step 1 Select a herbal smudge that is aligned with your intentional energy needs. See Below for a quick guide and

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Step 2 Focus your mind and center your energies on your intention for that moment in time. 

Step 3 Light the Smudge and verbally say your positive intentions and affirmations. Wafting the smudge in the air in circular motions repeating stating what energies you would like to attract, with affirmations of positive flow with the universe.

Step 4 Breathe Deeply and be present in the space. Smile and enjoy this time of peace, channel the good energy throughout your space and being. 

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The Yogi Closet®️has a hand-rolled smudge collection complimentary to most of your intentional energy needs:

✔️White Sage Smudge – Removes bad energy and clean the air. 

✔️Palo Santo Smudge – Clear bad energy, fill voided space with positivity. 

✔️Rosemary Smudge – Smoke from Rosemary emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations. 

✔️Eucalyptus Smudge –  Can be used in smudging for protection, health-boosting as well as being energizing for cleansing. 

✔️Lavender Sage Smudge -The subtle sweet aroma of natural lavender burning delivers relaxing vibes to your space. Natural white sage burns to cleans the air of toxins, bacterias, and bad juju. Perfect for setting intentions for a blissful nights sleep. 

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