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Meet Christina Ligon-Luster, the wellness entrepreneur who manifested The Yogi Closet. 

This about us bio provides a little information about the creator of The Yogi Closet®️. Christina Ligon-Luster has been breathing life giving prana into this holistic lifestyle brand since 2018. As a certified Yoga Instructor & Ayurveda Herbologist practicing holistic healing for over 10 years. She believes sharing the aspects of natural holistic therapy practices is a healthy gift to show care within the community. Her wellness journey expanded from being about her to being about us. 

While on her Ayurvedic yoga teacher certification journey she discovered the power of sensory wellness. This discovery lead to the joy of handcrafting aromatherapy candles. Because she could not find 100% soy candles geared specifically towards meditation practice and chakra healing, she started to crafted them herself. This grew and manifested into the aromatherapy products sold at The Yogi Closet.  Handcrafting aromatherapy became a way to help her tribe better engage with their sensory system to stay connected with inner self and each other along their journeys’. 

Other long life passions include sociology, and the love of travel with cultural study interactions. So far the journey has lead to exploration of 41 countries and engaging numerous cultures. The extensive world travel and culture experiences helped to broaden this graduate of University of Houston Sociologist perspective and entrepreneur mindset. As the journey continues, the path encompasses all of her experiences and knowledge to expand and grow The Yogi Closet holistic wellness brand. Answering the life calling of helping others naturally heal their energies and share love.

Thank you for joining the journey!


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