Travel Tips for Flying Comfortably

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Travel tips for flying comfortably can help your next flight be a positive experience.

Tip #1 Join the Club!

Most major airlines offer a mileage membership program that allows you to accumulate points/miles that can be redeemed for travel perks. United airlines has a mileage plus club credit card with Chase. The United Mileage Plus Visa card has great perks including 2 FREE club lounge passes every year, free checked bags, and priority seating. Sign Up for United Mileage Plus Membership

Currently due to the pandemic some of the club lounges are still closed. The locations that are open have stopped their buffet food offerings for safety reasons. But they still do offer complimentary packaged foods and beverages. 

When its safe to fully re-open the lounges, and offer there full services this is a wonderful space to wait for your flight and grab a bite to eat and drink in comfort. The locations offer free wifi, business stations, comfy seating areas, and have areas to check on your flights.

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Tip #2 Travel tip for making the most of your in-flight experience- snack well.

United domestic flights over 1.5 hours offers a service of snack boxes, which cost range $8-$10, and snacks like chips and nuts for $5. If you use your mileage plus card for in-flight purchases you earn 2x’s miles.

They offer a free snack of a biscotti cookie or stroopwafel. My personal favorite is the Stroopwafel😋, its a delicious crisp sweet waffle with a caramel center. If you place the Stroopwafel on a hot cup of coffee or cup of tea it warms the caramel to melt. Its soooooo good!

If you are not interested in paying $5 for a snack size container of Pringles, there is no rule against bringing  your own snack thru TSA and onboard aircraft. Especially on longer international flights its a great idea to bring your own snacks, and an empty water bottle to re-fill during the flight to stay hydrated. 

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Tip #3   Travel tip for relaxation – Treat yourself to more Leg space 

Flying in regular economy seats can be a cramped experience. On most Boeing and Airbus aircraft regular economy typically starts behind the over wing exit rows. Economy plus is an economically upgrade that ranges between $15-$100 (domestic) that allows you more leg room and space. These seats are normally toward the middle of the aircraft and behind business or first class. They offer 6 inch’s more leg space so you can stretch out a bit more.  Also because these seats are closer to the front of the aircraft, you are able to get off the plane a bit quicker than someone in the rear of the plane.

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While the aircraft are cleaned by cleaners between each flight. If you have additional cautions about covid, be sure to bring your own personal hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and wear a mask during the entire flight. Im a germ-a-phobia type person and would travel with these things prior to Covid-19.

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There are also traveling restrictions and covid-19 testing protocols that you should familiarize yourself with when you book domestic and international travel. For more about international covid testing options read our blog Jamaica Travel Guide

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