Get to Know About Ayurveda Holistic Wellness | Tips for Better Wellness

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Ayurveda holistic wellness practices are known to be one of the oldest holistic medical practice in existence.

Ayurveda is a holistic medical practice widely practiced in India. Ayurvedic knowledge is written in ancient language called Sanskrit. Ayurveda  translates to mean ” life science”( Ayur- life, Veda- science). The holistic practice addresses eight principal branches of medicine including; pediatrics, gynecology, otolaryngology ( ear, nose, throat), ophthalmology, geriatrics, general medicine, and surgery. Ayurveda also encompasses spirituality/religion, cosmic energy, physical movement, philosophy, and mental ability. Ayurveda, Yoga, and Tantra are life disciplines that are intertwined in the balance of health and happiness. Ayurveda is the foundation, Yoga is the body and Tantra is the head.

As stated by Dr. Lad author of Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing ” Ayurveda speaks to every element and facet on human life, offering guidance that has been tested and refined over many centuries to all those who seek greater harmony and peace.” -Dr. Vasant Lad

" Ayurveda speaks to every element and facet on human life, offering guidance that has been tested and refined over many centuries to all those who seek greater harmony and peace." 

-Dr. Vasant Lad

“Ayurveda is a science of life which focuses on subtle energies of all things- not only in living and inorganic things, but also in our thoughts, emotions, and actions.” -The Book of Ayurveda 

An important element of Ayurveda holistic wellness is knowing and understanding your individual constitution. In Sanskrit prakruli means “nature”/ “the first creation”; in Ayurveda our original “nature” is the human constitution. The prakruli human constitution is comprised of how the natural elements manifest in the body. The five basic elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth manifest in the body develop basic principals known as the tridosha. Each persons’s constitution is based on a relationship of three fundamental and vital energies known as Dosha. The three dosha and associated elements are:

  • Kapha-  Water & Earth
  • Pitta-  Fire & Water
  • Vata-  Air & Ether

The three dosha elements are said to govern all the biological, psychological, and cosmic interactions. And are considered the foundation of the psychosomatic existence of man. Getting to understand ones dosha is like learning who you are as a light at the cellular level. Its on a self-awareness journey that can take your holistic wellness to higher levels. The Yogi Closet creates aromatherapy with essential oils for chakras and dosha energy body healing.

Ayurveda Holistic Wellness
A Pupil of Ayurveda Holistic Wellness

My journey with Ayurveda wellness started several years prior to becoming Ayurveda yoga certified. While healing from fibroid myomectomy surgery, I started researching natural medical practices. A Myomectomy is a major surgical procedure. It involves making an incision through the skin on the lower abdomen, known as a “bikini cut,” and removing the fibroids from the wall of the uterus. The uterine muscle is then sewn back together using several layers of stitches. –

Although the surgery successfully removed all of the fibroids. I was informed there is a possibility the fibroids could regrow. However I could not be given any concrete reason what triggers their growth. Re-growth prevention lead me to explore deeper into Ayurveda holistic wellness practices. After gaining a better understanding of my constitution (which is Pitta dosha), I adjusted my lifestyle to incorporate an dincharya.

A dincharya (din- day, charya- to follow) is a daily routine that helps our systems align more with nature, and balances the human constitution for better overall health. Along with incorporating a change of diet, yoga practice, and mindset to date the fibroids have not regrown.

Here are a list of tips for better wellness.

To show how easy it is to incorporate Ayurveda holistic wellness practices to help enhance your daily routine. I am sharing my morning wellness routine…

A typical morning dincharya used and the benefits that help keep harmony within my Pitta dosha. 

  • Wake up at 6am or aligned with the sunrise. This helps align the body with the rhyme and flow of nature. 
  • Scrape the tongue and Oil Pull. Swish sesame oil in the mouth, between the teeth for 3 minutes, and spit out into trash. Brush teeth as normal. This helps removes toxins from the system, preparing it perform its daily tasks of digestion, elimination, respiration, and circulation. 
  • Drink 1 cup of room temperature water prior to eating or drinking anything else. The water is like an alarm clock for our organs and system.This also helps the kidneys and bowls prepare for evacuation. 
  • Meditate and pray. Light a natural essential oil  aromatherapy candle and set positive intentions for the day, and mentally prepare for action. 
  • Yoga brings movement to the body. Morning stretches and yoga practice helps the body stay active and healthy.

According to the Ayurvedic Clock sampled from ayurveda.chikitsa; pitta dosha peak times for creativity, taking actions, and eating the heaviest meal are about 10am- 2pm. At night from 10pm -2am are the best times for pitta dosha to rest and restore itself. Knowing the best times to fuel and restore help keep my body in good health and harmony.

Ayurveda Holistic Wellness is Meditation Yoga Sharing Love

Ayurveda holistic wellness
Get in-sync with your natural clock
ayurveda holistic wellness
Use the healing powers of oils
ayurveda holistic wellness
Understand your Dosha

 If you are interested in seeking more detailed insight regarding your dosha, we will post more helpful information and insight regarding the 3 main dosha. You could schedule a consultation with an Ayurveda practitioner or Ayurveda energy healer in your local area. If you are located in Houston, Texas area I recommend visiting Houston Ayurveda Center located in Cypress Texas for an amazing holistic experience to add to your journey. 

There are also apps,  fun online quizzes, etc you can take online that can help you determine and research your individual dosha. 

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Thanks for reading! We hope this information was helpful with improving your understanding of Ayurveda.

For more Ayurveda holistic wellness info updates, exclusive offers, and good energy  


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