Fun Things to Do and Places to Visit in Nairobi Kenya


Check out these Fun and Adventurous Things to Do while visiting Nairobi Kenya.

nairobi kenya
The Green City in the Sun -Nairobi Kenya

The city of Nairobi has a beautiful and unique blend of city scape surrounded by nature and wildlife; it truly earns the title “The Green City in the Sun”.

🦓 Nairobi National Park is a wildlife park located just outside the city. If you are traveling to several African countries, and do not have enough time to go on a full safari in the Amboseli and Tasavo national parks. The Nairobi National Park can provide wildlife sightseeing. The best time to partake in a full safari tour to see the Big 5 is July-August during the great migration.

Kenya is known for its amazing safari adventures, and Nairobi also has the nickname The Safari Capital of the World, due to its a hub for safari tourism. 

Nairobi Elephant
Elephant herds
nairobi kenya
Nairobi Kenya Monkey
Monkey Around
nairobi kenya monkey
Curious George

Nairobi Kenya
Giraffe Centre

 🦒The famous Giraffe Manor hotel is located in Nairobi Kenya. Giraffe Manor Hotel Reservations This boutique hotel is a mansion converted into a boutique hotel that offers the unique experience of having endangered Rothschild Giraffe living on the premises. The gorgeous giraffe are photographed sticking their necks through hotel windows into the dining areas and some of the guests rooms for beautiful candid pictures.

However to stay at this luxury hotel is very expensive, and their is often a wait list of two years for room availability. On average the lowest costing room is $875 per adult per night. The price tag for that experience can add up quickly if you are traveling on a none baller budget.

 If you don’t want to pay $875 per person per night to stay at Giraffe Manor Hotel, but still would like to experience these beautiful giraffe. You can still visit the same endangered Rothschild Giraffes and feed them at Giraffe Centre which is on the same property. The funds from the center go to wildlife conservation and the care of the giraffe and warthogs that reside on the property. Its a fun interaction with the giraffe and really cool to look a giraffe eye to eye. It was also interesting to see how warthogs behave

Check out our vblog video for more  about our interaction with these beautiful and personable animals. 


Giraffe Centre
Rothschild Giraffe 🦒 🥰
Pumba Warthog Vibes


🐊 Mamba Village Nile crocodile farm can provide a walk on the wild side and offer an up close experience with crocodiles and ostriches. If  you are feeling adventurous, you can pay a nominal additional fee to get in the crocodile feeding pins and feel the animals bite force. If you are feeling a little less bold, but would still like an up close encounter, you could also hold a baby crocodile. Their are also adult tortoise you can hold, if you feel like flexing your muscles.

Would you get in the feeding pin with a adult nile crocodile? Check out our vblog video and see if we were brave or crazy.lol. 

nairobi kenya
The Mamba Village, Langata N Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

nairobi kenya
Mamba Village
nairobi kenya
Cuddle a Nile Crocodile
Tortoise Power!
nairobi kenya
Ostrich a delicious dark meat bird

🍴Carnivore is a delicious dining experience to try while visiting Nairobi. It’s an all you can eat exotic game restaurant, with an extensive meat menu that changes. They also have a vegetarian menu available to herbivores.

This is a very busy restaurant and its great idea to call ahead to make a reservation to avoid long wait times to be seated. Carnivore Restaurant- make a reservation The seating is outdoor with a tent top cover for some covered seating availability. 

The meats are cooked on a Brazilian style grill, and seasoned to perfection with African spices and herbs. At each table is a carousel of sauces that are paired with the meats. A house salad and soup are also served with the all you can eat exotic meat selection. 

A specialty cocktail called the Dawa Cocktail is also delicious and similar to a mojito with a slight twist. 

I would highly suggest visiting Carnivore if you want to add a flavor adventure to your pallet. It will certainly serve up a good foodie moment worth remembering. 

Check out the video 🍽 for the vblog of our foodie experience. 


Carnivore – Langata Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
Carnivore Restaurant Menu
Brazilian style grill
Drinks of Life
Dawa Cocktail

This amazing trip to Kenya Africa was done August 2019. This blog is of things to do while in Nairobi. Our trip also included a journey through Kenya from Nairobi to the Mombasa coast and Diani Beach. 

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